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Weather in Meran

The weather on Saturday, 04.04.2020

Min.: 3°C
Max.: 17°C

High pressure.

Sunny weather, mostly clear sky.

After a cold morning temperatures will reach 11° to 20°.

The weather on Sunday, 05.04.2020

Min.: -2°C
Max.: 20°C

The weather in the mountains on Saturday, 04.04.2020

High pressure.

Temperature at 2.000m: 0°C
Temperature at 3.000m: -6°C
0° at altitude: 2000m

Weather forecast in South Tyrol


Min.: -4°C
Max.: 20°C


Min.: -2°C
Max.: 20°C


Min.: -2°C
Max.: 22°C


Min.: -2°C
Max.: 23°C

Map of South Tyrol on Saturday, 04.04.2020

Map of South Tyrol on Sunday, 05.04.2020